A Letter From Someone I Met Along The Way

” How far we travel in life matters far less than those we meet along the way.” – Author Unknown

I went back and read the diary I kept while I was traveling in China and found this letter.


It’s a letter from an old Canadian guy ( 50 something years old) whom I met in Laos and traveled with him for a few days in the land that there are not many people speak English. He was a nice guy and acted like my uncle when we traveled together.

After reading his letter and a few pages of my diary, I decided to post my first time backpacking story on this blog. It’ll be in Thai though lol and it will be really long story!

There are many things from the trip that I  have already forgot about them. Reading the diary helps bring back those precious memories to me. I didn’t write everyday when I was on the trip. Lucky at least I wrote something!

Here is what the Canadian guy wrote to me.

”    Sunday, May 8

Dear Fonthip,

I am leaving Dali tonight by train for Kunming. Thankfully I won’t have to spend there more than a few hours

before I board another train to Guanzhou. From there, a bus to Hong Kong.

I had a few lazy days since you left for Lijiang, apart from a long walk that took me to The lone pagoda,

then to the three pagodas ( one of which leans out at least as much as the tower in Pisa, Italy)

Then I walked up the hill to get a view of that complex of palaces. ( what we saw in the distance

with those orange coloured roofs)


I have just finished this morning ” Tuesdays with Morrie” It is indeed a very moving and uplifting book.

I will certainly feel like reading it again, and will likely pass it on to friends.

And I will keep it preciously as a souvenir from you. Thank you again for this wonderful gift.

Thank you for the splendid journey we did together for a few days.

To care for you and watch over you did me a lot of good.

How can we be sure we will ever see each other again? Still, I know we will remember,

and remain for each other the way we were.

Just as it is impossible not to believe that those we cherished and who departed from

our lives through death, still live on, So the strangers we befriended on the road

remain as we remember them, within range of our seeing heart.

Now that we go our separate ways, what lingers on?

That sweetness in my heart that aches yet feels so good.

May love follow your step always.”


I didn’t swop our emails and any contact.

So the best I can do is wish him a happy life wherever he is or whatever he’s doing.

” We are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey,

especially the goodness of the people we meet on the way.

Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, don’t over look it.” – Author Unknown



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