Top 6 Things I Learned From My Counseling Psychology Internship

Love is the Key

Love; this commonly used word has a huge impact on our lives. We all desire it, whether it’s love from our family, love from our friends, love from our partner and even love from ourselves. For some people, when they think that they don’t get the love they deserve or that people don’t give them “enough” love, they try to do all kinds of things in order to get more love. Some feel even more disappointment when their strategies to get more love didn’t work, some choose to avoid their pain by doing something that they think will give them happiness; relying on drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and sex etc. Moreover, many of us are too busy looking for outside love that we forget to love ourselves.

Being Present is Crucial

Our mind works so fast, we think so much that it’s important to be in the present in order for us to be able to focus on what we can do at the present moment, this goes for both clients and counselors. I caught my mind wandering around a few times during my sessions so I’ve learned that when I was being fully present with my clients, I could work with them more and they can sense my presence as well.

You Can’t Walk Properly if You Don’t Know Where You Want To Go

Sometimes people feel like their life is stuck and that they can’t move forward, they don’t feel like doing anything or don’t know what to do and some of them are even scared to move at all. It’s important to bring them back to the present and invite them to identify what they value in life so that they will have a direction to follow on their road of life, to make their life unstuck.

Judgement Can Cloud Your Eyes

Working with the clients at Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment (PMNIDAT) has taught me a great deal about how personal judgement can easily blind a counsellor’s eyes and create a wall between them and their clients. You can see them, they can see you, but you two are not in the same room while there is judgement in between.

Families Influence People’s Lives More Than I Thought

I’ve learned that many problems in people lives related back to their family. How their family raised them and treated them had a great deal of impact on what kind of person they would become. I did acknowledge this truth before but after getting to work with my clients now I realised how important it is.

Expectation – One Great Source of Our Suffering

Expectation can be a double-edged sword. It can move us forward in life if we know how to use it efficiently but many of us fail to do so and get ourselves hurt by misusing it. We expect so much from others, we expect so much from ourselves. We even expect something that we know is unlikely to happen and that we will lead to pain.

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